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Film Insurance

Delays in filming schedules are probably the single most common and costly cause of claims made by producers. Each day’s delay in a typical £2 million budget film can easily cost £30,000 – £40,000 – an exposure that remains constant throughout the shoot, for 26 weeks or more.

A Chesterfield Film and Television Production package covers events that can cause delays to filming. We can tailor a policy to specific needs, making additions or amendments as necessary.

Coverage Details and Features

  • Additional costs due to delays caused by accidents or injury to cast members.
  • Additional costs due to delays caused by loss or damage to film negatives or videotape.
  • Additional costs due to delays caused by faulty stock, camera and processing; equipment problems during filming, or with raw stock during filming or in the laboratory.
  • Cover for lost time due to damage to a location or equipment.


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