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Crime Insurance:

Crime Insurance can be industry specific such as Bankers Blanket Bond, Stockbrokers Blanket Bond, Insurance Company Crime Bond or Commercial. It provides first party protection against the direct financial loss sustained as a result of:

  • Employee infidelity
  • The physical loss of property on premises and in transit
  • The forgery and alteration of monetary instruments and other documents of value
  • Computer and cyber fraud and fraudulent electronic funds payments

Professional Indemnity Insurance:

Professional Indemnity Insurance provides protection for legal liability to third parties in respect of alleged negligent acts, errors, omissions and breaches of duty committed by the organisation’s employees. Coverage usually includes defense costs and costs in relation to official investigations.

Directors & Officers Insurance:

Directors & Officers Insurance provides protection for directors and officers in the event that they are the subject of a claim or investigation arising from the performance of their duties at their company.

Medical Malpractice Insurance:

Medical Malpractice Insurance coverage includes acts or omissions in the course of a healthcare providers professional duties. This can include injury, misdiagnosis, delays in referral, physical or mental harm to a patient.

This can be purchased by Hospitals, Clinics/Medical Centres, First Aid Stations etc., and include schemes for groups of Doctors/Surgeons, Dentists, Anaesthetists, Nurses, Therapists and Physiotherapists or even Tattoo Artists.

Bank Card Coverage

Medical Assistance, Hospital Cover, trip Cancellation, Event Cancellation, Baggage Cover, Club Subscriptions Cover, ATM Mugging Cover, Car Rental Benefits Collission Damage Waiver Cover, Delayed Flight Cover, Missed Departure Cover, Legal Expenses Insurance Cover, Identity Theft Insurance Cover, Third Party Liability Insurance Cover, Ski Pack Cover, Sports and Activities Cover.

Product Enhancement Cover

Covers can be developed to protect risks such as customers’ involuntary loss of employment and gap shortfall following a a result of a vehicle total loss. Coverage can be structured as waivers to simplify regulatory requirements, protecting the Banks/Finance Companies loan book against customer defaults.


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