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We specialise in Oil & Gas upstream consultants emanating from the USA. We have an exclusive prior submit Binding Authority with Certain Underwriters at Lloyd’s of London. We offer competitive rates for small to medium sized risks on a primary and excess basis.
Our policy offers combined Commercial General Liability and Professional Liability coverage, which will comply with your clients’ insurance requirements.
Acknowledgement and/or quote times are within 18 hours and no longer than 36 hours.

Coverage Details and Features

Target Classes

  • Company Men/Observe & Report
  • Project Managers
  • Data Analyst
  • Mud Loggers
  • Testing (excluding Geotechnical Engineering work)
  • Drilling Consultants
  • Safety Training/Consulting
  • Well Site Supervisors
  • Well Completion & Workover Consultants


Product Offering

  • 100% Lloyd’s of London Security (AM Best A Excellent)
  • Commercial General Liability – Occurrence
  • Professional Liability – Claims Made
  • Minimum Premium – USD 2,500
  • Minimum Deductible – USD 2,500
  • Limits Available
    • Primary up to $2M/$2M
    • Excess up to $5M/$5M
  • Non Auditable policy


Endorsements available

  • Hired Auto and Non-Owned Auto Liability Insurance (CGL only)
  • Additional Insured with Primary & Non Contributory Language – Owners Lessees or Contractors (Blanket)
  • Additional Insured – Owners Lessees or Contractors (Blanket) – Completed Operations
  • Waiver of Transfer or Rights of Recovery Against Others to Us (Blanket)
  • Sudden, Accidental and Abrupt Pollution
  • Amendatory Endorsement – Remove Offshore Work Exclusion
  • Stop Gap – Employer’s Liability – North Dakota & Wyoming

At Chesterfield Group our expertise becomes your expertise. Our marketing materials are designed to help you give your clients what they want to hear – yes to almost any hard-to-place-risk.


John Watmough
Senior Producing Broker
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M: +44 (0)7384 518973

Jack Beeson
[email protected]
T: +44 (0)20 7481 1683
M: +44 (0)7387 411253