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Medical Expenses

Chesterfield is experienced in providing flexible global healthcare solutions for all nationalities and groups of all sizes, with particular emphasis on high-risk territories and/or occupations we can develop coverages that best suits your circumstances. These schemes pay for the cost of medical treatment both as an in and out patient if you want private medical care.

Coverage Options

Some insurers are able to provide cheaper cover through policy exclusions, such as no outpatient cover, and if the treatment can be received from the NHS within six weeks. You can also choose to pay an excess in order to keep the costs down. Premiums are reviewed annually and increase with age and overall claims experience.

Some policies will provide a cash payment if NHS treatment is received. The cost is based on age, the number of family members requiring cover and the hospital band required. Hospital bands depend on the area and the facilities available: for example central London hospitals are the most highly graded.

Many insurers do not seek medical evidence on new applicants. They simply impose a moratorium that they will not cover any treatment arising from a pre-existing condition for a certain time period.

Coverage Details and Features

  • Consultants’ fees
  • Surgeons’ and anesthetists’ fees
  • Nursing
  • Private ambulance and room charges


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